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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clearing spider webs out of the workshop

As much as I like taking a break from building, it's equally as fun to get back into it after some time off. It keeps it fun. I've been thinking about the million things I still need to do on R2 and all the shortcuts I took to get him ready for MegaCon last March. Tape is holding the doors, Power couplers are temp, dome bumps completely screwed up, vents need correct paint and fixing, periscope needs mounting, and all the hinges need to be installed. Oh and the feet need a lot of fiberglass repair so I can take the duct tape off. So there's no shortage of projects.

As hot as it was yesterday, I went out and tore down R2 and started prepping the parts that needed work. I just received some parts from David Shaw (Power couplers and coin slots). I may not use the coin slots but couldn't resist getting a set from him. His parts are the best and he wraps them like a Christmas present complete with cool R2 sticker holding the colored tissue. I feel like a kid at Christmas when I get parts from David.

When I started working I noticed a big spider web around my band saw between the saw and the window. That kind of shows how long it's been since I was working in the garage.


Calvin Thomas said...

I'm glad to hear your working on your droid again :o)
I'm still working on mine as usual.
Really can't wait to see you guys again and talk about droids or anything.
Don't get too hot working in this heat and take care.

Jim Quinlan said...

Thanks Calvin ! Hope you guys have a good time in Orlando later this month.