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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Robotic road trip

Moving 7 robots is no easy task. Especially the delicate ones. Acrylic bubbles, neon and impossible to replace parts make it a challenge. It just takes one slip. Another problem is if you're not always tearing them down, it's easy to forget how the internals are put together. Most of the robots I build are fairly easy to take down and put together as I tried to label a lot of the wire connections. But some of my robotic controllers have a rats nest of wires in them and aren't that well documented. So if they get messed up, it's back to square one.

Another problem with moving these robots is the sheer weight of some of the parts. B9 weighs a ton and moving the treadsection and legs can be a real challenge. Because there's no good places for your hands. If I had to build the treadsection again, I would use sturdier materials. The plans called for thin plywood in some areas and if I were doing it over, I would use something stronger.

My last minute R2 repairs are not working too well so it's going to be a race to the finish to have R2 ready. The other builders will know all the imperfections that need fixing but 999 out of 1000 spectators won't see them. Kids don't care.

Yesterday we finalized plans for dinner on Saturday night with the builders group. We'll be going to a buffet at a nearby hotel and then attend the Ghostbusters AfterLife party. Complete with a full group of GhostBusters in authentic GB attire. And ... with Beatlejuice to keep things lively. Ought to be fun.

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Calvin Thomas said...

Yeah, Tell me about the packing problems.
We have been working nonstop and we only have the 2 droids.
I can imagine what your going through :oP
SeeYa soon and we will be doing the Saturday dinner with you guys.