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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lots of building very little blogging

For some reason I just haven't put in the blog time to match the building. R2 is now getting very close to completion. I've been spending a few hours a day and most of the weekends. This last week I finally came up with a nice solution to hanging the outer R2 feet from my custom motor mounts. They're now solid and easily removable.

Today was a beautiful day and perfect for painting. So R2 was completely taken apart and painted. I first washed down the parts with acetone and then primed the aluminum ones with self etching aluminum/metal primer. Then Lowes Velspar satin white paint was applied. The legs, horseshoes, feet, ankles, and a few miscellaneous parts now look correct and I went through quite a few cans of paint. I'll wait until tomorrow to put it all back together again (If I can remember how). And then R2 will be complete other than the battery boxes and ankle cyclinders. The battery boxes I made are just not cutting it. Not sure what I'm going to do but these just don't look right. After putting all this work and money into R2 I'm not going to compromise on quality.

So .... tomorrow R2 may be unofficially complete. It's hard to comprehend after years of working on this project.


Mike D. said...

How did you apply the paint? Don't forget to post pics of the finished bot!

Jim Quinlan said...

Hi Mike ! Nothing fancy on applying paint. Just used a inexpensive $3.49 spray cans from Lowes. I laid down a couple coats of paint after letting the primer dry for about 30 minutes.