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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Battery boxes to feet

I'm glad that the battery boxes I worked on this weekend are now looking pretty good. I even came up with a clean way to mount them to the outer foot shells where they are removable. They just slip onto a small bracket I made out of some scrap aluminum. The battery harness's will be easily removed from the battery box as they will be more permanently attached to the feet.

These challenges churn around in my head for weeks and then all of a sudden a light bulb comes on. Sometimes I redo my designs 3-4 times but that's the way I build. I redid the battery box design about 4 times in the last week. Not dramatically but significantly in some of the design improvements. They don't have skin on them yet but that's the easy part. The next big challenge will be to create more permanent foot shell to motor mount bracket. I'll do that after the holidays.

One of the big challenges I faced this weekend was inserting the khf hoses into the fittings. The hoses were waaaaaayyyyy too big for the fittings. After shredding my bloody fingers to bits, I researched this part and found out everyone had the same problem. And I wasn't too keen on the way people finally solved the problem. So I came up with my own way of getting them together and it worked great. I used one of those fat angled drill bits that allow you to ream a hole bigger. I used that on the fittings and it was just enough to work if I taped up the hoses and put some salad oil on them. It was still tight but it worked fine. Once that was threaded another problem arose. The "peg" that you put into the hole to tighten the hose to the fitting didn't fit. So I took a drill bit and drilled the plastic inside of the hose enough to get the peg in it. That worked great.

R2's starting to look pretty good.

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