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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

R2 hanging from a 2x4

I've been wanting to work on R2's back feet but I didn't want to take off the center foot and put him on a bench. So I rigged up a way to suspend R2 from 2 benches and a couple milk crates so I can work on him like a mechanic works on a car on a hoist.

And it worked great ! The 2x4 has 2 bolts that attach directly into the JAG aluminum frame. R2 sways a little bit hanging there but not too bad. Actually much better than I anticipated. The hard part was lifting him up there. I'll feel it tomorrow probably.

The rear feet were dangling over the motors but there was no bracket in place to support them yet. I was still devising cunning schemes to do this ... each one more diabolical than the previous one. But as it usually works out, it's the impulsive last minute brainstorm that gets the attention. And it was a doosey tonight. I tapped a hole in my motormount directly in the center of the ankle hole. And then a 4" bolt was screwed in and the foot sat nicely over the bolt and it looks perfect. I thought I'd have to make a bracket but this may do the trick.

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