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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Little details

The last couple weeks I haven't done much blogging but have been getting a tremendous amount of progress on finishing touches for R2.

I mounted coin slots / coin returns and finished and mounted all the side vents and pocket vents. The Octogonals were attached to the frame and I completely reworked the large dataport. Only one of the dataport's holes lined up with the frame and I was going to just go with that one hole. But I decided to do it right and took it all apart and re-drilled new holes in the frame to accomodate this dataport. Then I repainted it and it's good as new.

I took apart much of the frame and have been working with a shell of R2 temporarily. It started out as switching the frame rods with the threaded holes to accomodate the electronics board. I haven't mounted any electronics in the frame yet because I'm trying to determine the most "user friendly" configuration so I can work on R2 and easily diagnose any problems when he's out and about.

My stack of R2 parts on the shelf is getting pretty bare as they make their way onto the "droid". I moan about setbacks occasionally and occasionally get frustrated but when it starts to come together, it makes it all worthwhile.

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Mike D. said...

It's always good to get over that last big hurdle in a project, then you can see the end in sight.

Can't wait for the pics!