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Friday, August 22, 2008

Last boring dome drive post

More of the same. Constantly working on the dome drive only to have it completely fail. Now I think it's the motor because my advanced designs are actually pretty nice. But the motor starts spazzing out after a few minutes. The wires heat up, the motor struggles and pretty soon it's jerking. What really clued me in is I removed the spring and started applying pressure manually from the dome drive to press on the lazy susan. When the motor started spazzing out, I let off on the pressure and the motor still acted weird. And the speed controller is hot enough to give you third degree burns (This I know from experience).

The drive uses a 12 volt TRICO windshield washer motor and a SYREN 10 speed controller with a powerful 12 volt battery. It's coming through a spectrum DX6 transmitter with the BR6000 receiver.

I don't know what to say. But that's it for sure and I won't be working on another dome drive design for awhile. I wasted wayyyyy too much time on this. It was kind of fun in a way but it also was very frustrating. I think now I'll check out Calvin's new "little motor that could".


Mike D. said...

Glad to hear you're not under water! I was starting to wonder when it had been a few days since your last post.

The solution to that drive will probably come to you once you take a break. Strange that a wiper motor wouldn't be just the ticket, those have a pretty tough duty cycle.

Jim Quinlan said...

Hi Mike,
In the Tampa Bay area we're probably the only part of the state that didn't get pounded with rain and high winds.