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Monday, August 18, 2008

Fresh start on the Dome drive?

Time to admit my dome drive is not going to work. I tried several other designs with this saturn motor and they just didn't work well. One experiment had me stick some non skid to the sides of the rockler bearing but that just caused sand from the non-skid to fall into the area that could get into the bearing channels. Sand is not something that you want in your bearings.

So ... I realize I may need a new motor and a new wheel design. I'm now an expert at mounting stuff on my frame so the mounts will be a breeze. I need a break from the @%##@% dome drive because it's starting to drive me crazy .... maybe after just one more attempt. This morning another dome drive idea sprouted in my demented brain.

I CAN'T STOP !!!!!!!!!!


Calvin Thomas said...

Maybe your trying to hard.
That little motor I showed you at the meeting has still not let me down.
I think Keith got a mount from someone near him. It's like the A.P. drive but I think it was plastic.
You'll get it figured out, This should be simple for you after seeing all the robots you built.
Hope to see you all again soon :o)

Jim Quinlan said...

Hi Calvin,
You read my mind. I've been thinking about that little motor of yours and was thinking about calling you. I'm kind of stuck in a hole with my wheels spinning and want to get on to the next step. BTW, we have 5X the room at MegaCon next year so get Watto ready and all your bots ! Jim

Calvin Thomas said...

Call me anytime, I'm usually home after 5:00.
The little motor is stronger than it looks. I'm trying to get an inner dome ring from Daniel and then I can put my periscope/lifter in the dome and I'm going to add some extra weight inside the dome and test the motor under a larger than normal weight load to make sure it's up to the task.
I have all faith in this little guy.
That's GREAT about MegaCon!!!
I can't wait to be part of it.