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Saturday, July 19, 2008

R2 Dress rehearsal

So today we're having relatives and their kids visiting ... some from Michigan and some from the other coast of Florida. Some of the kids love robots and are excited about seeing our robots. So I dusted them all off and got them ready for the kids. I put R2 together the best I could with duct tape and whatever parts I could get on him. And he looks great (I suppose all parents think their R2's look wonderful and I'm no exception).

The only problem I had today was the B9 "Lost in Space" robot fried the neon somehow. A lot of humming noise, loose wires and no neon glow when the voice comes through. I'll admit that these robots are high maintenance ..... but it sure beats watching the idiotic TV.

1 comment:

Mike D. said...

Jim, your R2 is looking great! Keep it up!