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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rockler bearings and frame

No major milestones in building because I've been so busy but this weekend I should get a lot done. I hope to cut the remaining logics and psi sections out of the inner dome as well as inner dome upper pie plates so they can open with hinges. Then maybe I can laminate the inner and outer domes together.

The last week and a half I've been tweaking R2 and getting some odd jobs accomplished. One notable task has been to tap the frame and rockler with 1/4" tap to attach the rockler to the frame. I needed to add an extra nut to the "Daniel" base plate as a spacer so the dome ring wouldn't drag on the frame. It goes to show you that reading directions is great but you have to make your own determinations sometimes and deviate from standards occasionally. And it turns out someone else had the same problem with spacing.

I would like to get a lot accomplished with the dome this weekend as this is probably the last time I'll be doing any building (or posting to the blog) until the very end of June or early July. We will be in Alaska during most of the month of June. It will be tough being away from my garage workshop that long but there's going to be some pretty cool distactions in Alaska I guess.

The one minor problem I still have with the dome is it looks like it's going to be some work whenever I want to remove or put on the dome. I had to drill out the plastic ring a hair because it was an extremely tight fit that would have required a crowbar to remove the dome. Now it's a little easier.

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