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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bender pics

Today I was asked about our Bender robot and I thought I had posted some pictures of him on the blog after he was upgraded last June. That happened just before a terrible event in our life so I never did go back and upload pictures on the blog. So I snapped a few tonight and uploaded them. I even added a picture of Bender's "Olde Fortran Beer" and the can of "Mom's Old Fashioned Robot Oil" in his chest compartment.

The only plans I had were a small 6" statue I bought of Bender and I measured some of the parts and tried to calculate how to scale the dimensions proportionately. Mostly was just eyeballed though. I still have the original drawing which was done on a napkin.

Better late than never.


Mike D. said...

I remember the Bender project, he looks great! The oil and malt liquor are a nice touch, all you need to complete the ensemble is a policy from Old Glory Robot Insurance :-)

FloridaRobot (Jim) said...

Ahhhh yes, Old Glory Robot insurance. I should post a link to that on the blog for people who haven't seen that classic hilarious SNL segment. Your post just prompted me to hunt it down and watch it again.