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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Robot Road trips !!!

Well so far the idea seems to be taking off. It's turning into an effective way to earn money for our tent city homeless.
I just returned from the tent city and you can't imagine what seeing 250 tents in the woods is like when you imagine these are for people who have no place to live. And there was a line of people at the entrance signing up to sleep there that night and they're just about at capacity. It really is quite sad. I spoke with one man who was excited that today was his 34th birthday and he was moving out into his own apartment the next day and he had a good job also. He was excited about his future and a lot of it I'm sure came from him having a safe place to sleep at night while he got the details of his life worked out during the day. A friend that I went there with remarked that he was impressed that even though the place was pretty much full, there were very few people hanging around. Which makes us think they were out doing things like finding jobs, tending to health issues or miscellaneous chores.

The first robot was adopted today but the donor is still trying to determine which one they will bring into their corporate environment for the next couple weeks. One of the big TV stations in the area came out and interviewed the robots yesterday so the story will be running on the news next week. Should be interesting. Too bad I only have 4 robots completed (and a dozen others in various forms of completion). The incomplete projects don't count I guess.

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