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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Homeless Robots

Many of you may have read about the clash between the homeless, the city of St. Petersburg and the police last year. Images of police cutting up the homeless tents made national and world news and stirred emotion. Well, despite the problems of last year, Pinellas county and Catholic charities "Project Hope" compromised and came up with a partial solution to the lack of facilities for homeless people in this area. When I say partial, I acknowledge that this isn't the perfect solution but it does address a large chunk of it. You can't help wondering as you look over the hundreds of tents setup to house just a segment of the homeless in our area.

One of the challenges is to come up with enough funds to operate and also finding organizations willing to donate/prepare/serve meals to feed up to 250 people. No easy task and not cheap. So I decided to put the robots to work for this cause. More info can be found at

And of course ... this effort is in memory and honor of our late son Paul.

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