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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The calm before the storm

You know the old saying. Be careful what you wish for. Well, the local news station will be running a story about our charity starting tonight and they will run it every hour for a day or so at 23 minutes past the hour.

On one hand I'm glad because we will get publicity to push the project and accomplish our goals to help feed the homeless tent city in our area. On the other hand, when you put your email address and phone number out there you never know what to expect. Especially on the issue of homelessness in our area. Oh well ... we'll soon find out. The good news is we already raised $1500.00 and that's before the story even aired.

Hopefully the new voltage regulators I ordered will get here tonight so I can finish the electronics repair/upgrade on my B9 and get him ready for a road trip.

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