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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tis the season

Yes, it's that time of year again when the holidays are once again upon us. And I'm talking about the grand old holiday of Festivus. "Festivus for the rest of us". If you haven't heard of Festivus then I'll assume that you never were a big Seinfeld fan. Click here for information about Festivus

Yvonne and I won't be doing anything special for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year because we're just not ready for that since Paul won't be with us. So Festivus will be our holiday for 2007. Maybe next year we'll be able to deal with Christmas and Thanksgiving again.

So out in the workshop the making of the traditional festivus pole has officially begun. Actually I'm building it as a joke for a friend and we will set it up in his office with some nice festivus goodies. And it's a lot easier than building a robot.

I know .... another excuse why I'm not getting much robot building accomplished. Oh well, after the holidays I'll get back into it for sure. The bus stop robots are so close and my aluminum R2 frame should be here around the first of the year.

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Brian Clarke said...

A Happy Festivus, from some of the rest of us, for some of the best of us!! Hoping the sun is shining and things are on the upside for you and yours.
Hey, I posted some pictures of my Halloween Robot display on the B9 Yahoo group list thing and they feature your fish/amphibian/creature/dude-guy. There are also a couple of short videos on Youtube under "Robot Halloween Display 1" and " . . . 2".
May your holiday season be Smurfy!!
Brian Clarke