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Friday, November 2, 2007

Seeing Red

A little more progress has happened in mounting the heads so the motors will be able to turn them. I got some bearings on EBAY that will hopefully shoulder the weight of the heads so the motors will just be responsible for movement. We shall see.

But as the robots are nearing completion, I started thinking about their placement on the front entrance to our home. The area needed sprucing up and paint so I came up with a lamebrained idea to paint the one wall that the robots will be sitting against a deep Red color. Testing a splotch of paint on the wall looked pretty interesting so I spent last week painting 3 coats over the area. Now that it's up, I can appreciate what a tremendous mistake I made. It looks horrible and the red reflects off it to everything in the area. And at night with the porchlight it's just plain ugly. So tonight I'll drag out the paint again and go over it completely. Probably another 3 coater. Oh well ... it was worth a try.

On another note, Our older son Jeff is doing pretty good down in the islands as the picture shows. He's starting to get his smile back. His girlfriend recently moved down there with him.

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