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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Back from St. John Virgin Islands

The theme song for last week can be found on youtube here

We had a good week with our son Jeff at St. John in the Virgin Islands. It's a different way of life to be sure. In many ways I wish we lived there also because of the culture of the people. People are more polite and have much more respect for one another. In a small island like that, your reputation and character follow you and if you're rude or dishonest it will haunt you. Conversely, if you're friendly, outgoing and helpful that also will follow you.

The primary method of transportation in that area is hitchhiking. Everyone hitchhikes and most people driving don't think twice about picking people up. Even when your car is jammed, there's room for one more. Once we stopped and picked up a 10 year old boy on the other side of the island hitching to his school bus stop. You wouldn't think of doing that in the states.

A bunch of Jeff's friends met at his place on Thanksgiving and Jeff cooked up a storm to celebrate all we had to be thankful for. It was a great time and the only thing missing was our Paul ... who we miss more than you can ever imagine.

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Eaglekeeper said...

Jim, I stole your link to the Red Green show and posted it on the drome. This week I'm building an invading Martian 4x the original size. Will be done this weekend.