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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Star wars weekends and Frame work

Last weekend we went to Star wars weekend and met up with a bunch of R2 builders outside of Star tours at MGM. Thanks for the resourceful Trent, a couple of us got to go behind the scenes and meet Kenny Baker so Trent could present him with a miniature R2 builders club jacket. The star wars special presentations and events at MGM that day were great. Even with the crazy crowds.

On the building front, R2 is slowly coming along. Sorry for not posting pictures lately but I'm more into building than sitting at the computer. Maybe I'll post a few this weekend.

Again, working on the frame and remounting the center foot has been a project. I came up with some interesting ideas that may work. Many R2 builders have been patiently waiting on an aluminum frame run but I'm getting to the point where I may just keep working on this A&A frame and get it to work. An advantage is it will be lighter. The disadvantage is it will be tight space wise to mount electronics and all. I'll have to remove one of my rods if I'm ever going to get a battery inside. Speaking of battery, tonight I built a place in the R2 to hold the battery as well as mount the center leg bracket that I fabricated.

The steel front foot I received from Jerry Green is beautiful and I mounted that to the center ankle. The caster I bought was all wrong so tonight I bought a slightly different version of caster and one slightly smaller.

Below: picture of Kent, Carolyn, Kenny Baker (the guy inside R2 during the movie) and myself at Star Wars weekends. Notice C3PO bundled by the building behind us. It's the prop the wookie carries in the parade

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