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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New workshop

I took advatage of the long weekend to upgrade the workshop space in the garage. I built new shelves and added an extra workbench area. Everything was reorganized and a lot of useless junk was thrown out. I can't focus on building or creating when junk is piled all around me. That's been the problem up until now. The last couple of months, the workshop has been in complete chaos. I was out of room and stuff was piling up. That short circuits my creativity and I spent more time digging through piles of junk looking for tools or whatever. It's frustrating and takes the fun out of building.

But now .... this new workshop is excellent. I did a of work on C3PO this weekend and had to redo the base again to add a solid piece of wood beneath the diamond plate. Otherwise he was too tippy and unstable. His pvc frame was modified about a dozen times and glue added to a lot of joints for stability. Decorative wires were permanently added behind the knees and the stomach wires now look excellent. He still needs some work but I'm hoping to finish him up this week.

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