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Saturday, June 9, 2007

On a roll .....

It's gonna be one of those weekends where a lot of robot building gets done. The front foot and mounting plates are now primed and drying. I used a rustoleum blue to paint the wooden bottom plate of R2. The color sure looks like it's R2 blue but I already purchased the correct blue for the skins and dome.

Also I painted the lower rim of the C3PO restraining bolt black. While at Keith and Carolyn's the other day I noticed their's had a black bottom rim. Keith said he researched it and found a picture of one on C3PO like that. Last weekend Brad stopped by and made a suggestion that I raise C3PO's head up just a tad because he had an unnatural scrunched neck look. Sure enough the head up another inch or so looks a million times better. That's a wrap for C3PO. He and Bender are ready for the science museum later this month.

R2's ankle was obtained from the same guy who didn't mix his resin correctly and had a stickyness to it which I'm told will be like that forever unless you fix it. So I sanded it down and completely slathered it with thin coat of red glazing putty. After sanding that and priming it, I think the ankle will be ok. Plus the glazing putty will smooth it nicely and fill in the imperfections.

Oh and one last comment about the ankle. Pouring resin into them like I did is not a temporary or undooable action. It's solid and I would venture impossible to remove the resin from the insides of my ankle. So if you do it, make sure everything is lined up exactly like it is supposed to be.

My short term goal is to have R2 standing on 3 feet with the motors working this weekend or within the next week or so. That is if my list of a million home projects doesn't get in the way. Those new hurricane shutters can wait !!!

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