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Monday, June 11, 2007

Back to the drawing board

After taking apart and reassembling the feet about 4 times, I finally put R2 together to get a 3 point standing test. What ended up happening surprised me and has me rethinking some of this. The front center foot pivits and went into a position with the front all the way up and the back all the way down. So unless the wheel is in the exact center and the center of gravity never shifts, it will always be unbalanced. What that means is the pivot point must be locked down so it doesn't move. How I'm going to do that I have no clue at this time so I wedged a piece of wood under the foot to take a picture.

I placed the rear feet by the end of the legs and raised them up a bit with a piece of wood to simulate wheels under them. This was to test how everything is going to work once the motors get mounted. I also bungeed the skins to the frame and laid on my test dome (fiberglass one) to transform the parts into a droid. Looks pretty cool too. I couldn't risk putting my new aluminum dome on this shakey assembly.

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