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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Zero problem(s)

A very fruitful day indeed. Remounting the motor did turn into a good idea because I was able to reposition it and make it a much more efficient angle. The motors turn great now and he's about ready for the show.

As "C" programming is not my expertise, I also ran into another programming problem that I just figured out a few minutes ago. One of the functions I wrote had a waittime parameter that I would pass it. Well, I tried passing it a zero half way through the routine and I coded in my program if the variable was zero to skip that section. Low and behold, the program crashed (you can't really tell though) so the motors just kept spinning at the last valid command's speed.

It turns out that the variable I was putting a zero in was an integer. AND an integer MUST be a value between 1 and 32767. ZERO isn't allowed. Thank God I figured that out before going to bed or it would have driven me nuts.

I also installed a miniature kill switch for the robotic controller that I installed in Robby. After a lot of thought I mounted it in the back of the head between the fins so you can barely see it.

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