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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bob May in WPB

We had a chance to meet Bob May (the man in the Lost in Space Robot) at the West Palm Beach Science museum this weekend. They had a new robotic exhibit and had Bob May was there to kick it off. He's a super guy and told me to tell the members of the B9 builders club he appreciates all our support and enthusiasm toward the robot.

Another chance encounter at the museum happened with the guy (and his wife) who first told me about building B9 robots a couple years ago. Doug Vater and his wife Wanda were at the exhibit with their R2. I remember meeting Doug and somehow it came up that he built a Lost in Space Robot. That totally blew me away and for a couple months I couldn't stop thinking that people were actually building these robots. And that's what inspired me to consider building my own. Thanks Doug and Wanda !

Here's a few pictures of the event this weekend.

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