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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Thanks to the robots I'm now deaf !

I used the new router circle cutter I built to cut some wood circles for the top and bottom reinforcement of the torso. My ears are still ringing !!!! That was the noisiest experience I've ever had. And I used to shoot the 3" guns onboard my ship when I was in the Navy about a milion years ago. I'm sure people miles away heard me cutting the wood. My wife told me the neighbors dog started barking like crazy until the owner took him in.

So .... until I get some ear protection, the next two cuts I have planned on the router will have to wait. My ears won't be the same.

Ok, so on the GORT Front, I figured out how to get the stickiness off the inside of the sonotube. Degreaser and paper towels did the trick. After that I trimmed the torso and started preparing for cutting the arms and face holes out.

Since most of today was spent appeasing the wife in a long overdue list of home improvement projects, there wasn't that much robot work. It's getting harder and harder to get in good honest robot building time.

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