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Friday, November 3, 2006

Extra B9 Parts and MegaCon in Orlando

Recently I sold off some parts of my B9 number two. I decided that one B9 was enough. There are plenty of other robots that could be built and nobody needs two B9's.

I have almost a complete second robot from the waistplate to the bubble as well as an extra set of wheels. I'll put these up for sale in a few weeks. I need to clear some of this stuff out of here. One guy I know said he wants to buy it all but if I don't hear from him in the near future then I'll probably put it up for sale on EBAY.

In other (GOOD) news. I just found out that MegaCon in Orlando next February is going to have Bob May, June Lockhart and Mark Goddard. So I'll be contacting the promoters to see about bringing some B9's and other robots to MegaCon. Send me an email if you're interested in bringing any of your mechanical friends there.

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