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Friday, November 10, 2006

It worked

Well after putting in a couple more lightweight supports, it looks like the new shape of the Sonotube is going to hold. Oval it is !!! The only adjustment I had to make is to remove one of the supports at the base of the torso. Two of them made it too small for my hips. Removing one of them didn't seem to matter so now it's onto the nose, eyes, belly door and skin.

The new size is wider and easier for me to get my arms into the holes I cut.

The Ironman competition is being held in our city tomorrow and they will be passing right behind our house. There's several thousand competitors I heard. We'll be able to go out our back gate and set up a couple of lawn chairs under our tree and watch them go by.

I thought it would be cool to set up the robots with signs in their hands / claws encouraging the competitors but my wife said that they could get distracted and end up in a big bike pileup which would be our fault so the robots will stay in the house and garage. They're hot much into competitions anyways.

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