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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The droids have taken over my brain

The other day I had an offer to buy a lot of R2 parts from a friend that was laid off and wanted to sell them in a group. Being the type prone to always bring home stray droids and robots, resistance was futile. In the past, I deliberately put off learning about R2 because of all the other unfinished projects I have going. R2 is a major project in my mind. So add another project or two to the list. Also, we just purchased some property that will be needing a lot of renovation and work in the next 4 months. So robot building will grind to a slow crawl. But my swamp creature is going to be happy because the property backs up to a beautiful swamp (yeah, I like swamps too).

In this group of parts is almost a complete R2 and a partial R5 unit. Included is one A & A Frame (not sure how I'm going to use that), one wood tube partially cut out, a set of aluminum skins, a set of pvc skins, a resin Dome that needs a lot of work, and about a million resin pieces.

So in the spirit of trying to complete projects, the shark is now on the hot list for finishing ... tomorrow. Then B9 gets some attention and once that's done, the waterheater robot resumes.

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