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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Robot party

We expected Bender to mix things up around here a little but were unprepared for what we found when we woke up Saturday morning. I thought I heard some singing in the night and once there was a loud crash but it was one of those times where I thought I was dreaming and just went back to sleep.

So when we get up, we discovered that it got kind of wild around here last night. All the robots were pretty tanked and the creature had a cigar in his mouth. The funniest thing was the Jawa and the B9 singing together. I think they did it more to tick off Bender because he kept telling them to shutup. I have to say though, I never saw the Jawa in a better mood.

I guess some good came of it because the B9 taught Bender and the Jawa how to play Chess. The creature didn't want to learn but had fun heckling them from the sidelines. Other than the ashes on the floor and a couple of spilled beers, nothing else was damaged. The crash I heard was the B9 falling down when he got in a chugging contest with Bender. One of his side vents came out so I'm going to have to repair him later. He kept murmuring something about his circuits being foggy.

The only robot that didn't get in trouble was R2D2. He still doesn't trust Bender and isn't influenced by him at all. Thank God there's a little piece of sanity around this house !!!!

Now to clean this mess up.....

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