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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mom's old fashioned robot oil

Of course everyone knows you need to have a good stock of Mom's old-fashioned Robot Oil to keep your robots humming. Even though Futurama is in the year 3000 and the B9 Lost in space robot is from a 20th century robot, I checked and the oil is compatible with both robots.

The Warning label on the side says "WARNING NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" Contents under pressure keep away from open flame. Made from 100% grade "A" worm oil. Mom says "Change your oil every 3000 miles".

Thanks again to Kim n Cris for the graphic. I took the graphic and overlaid it on another graphic of the solid blue color. That way I wouldn't have to paint the can. A little spray adhesive and the can in my robot junk box turns into a cool looking can of Robot Oil.

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