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Saturday, May 27, 2006

A new robot in the house

Before reading this entry, I've arranged for proper theme music. Click here (You'll need to stretch the imagination to get through this blog entry)

Yesterday while browsing a store with some co-workers at lunch, I found some type of household container that looked a lot like Rosie's head so I bought it. It was pretty reasonable. So now officially we have a new robot in the house.

So it only seemed fitting to introduce her to the other robots in the house. B9 was very cordial while Bender cracked some crude jokes. The creature plain didn't want her there and made it perfectly clear that there was no place in here for a female robot. That caused a great argument between him and the Jawa so I just left.

At a local flea market I found several vacuum cleaners that would be right for this project but still haven't picked up one yet. It has to be as light as possible with enough room to mount a drivetrain and possibly a large battery with an inverter. Speaking of drivetrain, it's making progress.

Another robot project that has been moving along this week is the B9 end table. We ordered a piece of glass for it today. Only thing I need to do now is finish the donut and waist plate

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