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Thursday, April 6, 2006

B9 Robot number two - the sequel

I started on B9 robot #2 this week. It's going to be different than my original robot but I'm not quite sure which direction it will go. It may be a wearable B9 or it will be a motorized B9 that can roll around on a steel treadsection.

I already have most of the parts to make him in my stockpile but he will stand in the corner unfinished until the other 5 unfinished projects (B9, C3PO, Bender, Creature and Jawa) are complete. Bender and C3PO should be done soon and the Jawa just needs a little adjustment.

I also plan on selling some spare B9 parts on EBAY in the next month.

On the Bender front, I modified his legs considerably as well as his arms. Hopefully I'll be able to mount the door on the front of him and then he should be ready for some robot skin and paint.

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