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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Conversation with Bob May

Today I spoke with Bob May on the phone for almost an hour. For those of you who don't know who Bob May is, he was the person who wore the Lost in Space B9 Robot costume during the original TV series.

I was unprepared for the call and very suprised when the wife handed me the phone. He was calling in regards to the (possible) Robot builders convention that I'm considering hosting next February and he told me that he would love to attend and even do a few presentations for the builders. WOW !!!! That's a big plus sign on the pros side of my pros and cons list I'm putting together in making this decision to host a convention.

Bob is a super nice guy with a great personality. He told me to ask him any question at all about the robot and all I could think of was asking about the time he fell in it and how hot the suit gets. He said the question about how hot the suit gets is the most common one.

That phone call sure made my day ......

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