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Monday, March 13, 2006

Creature repair

A large mannequin was put into the creature suit to fill him out better. This should make the restoration a little easier.

Lucky there was a lot of leftover dye from the B9 robot legs. Charcoal grey dye touched up a few spots on the creature where the latex coating had rubbed off.

If I'm interpreting things right, it looks like when they made that Camel Cigarette commercial the woman probably damaged the creature costume when the creature carried her in the surf. The latex was completely rubbed off the belly section. Putting a light coat of dye in that area looks very good. The dye was also used in some other areas where yellowish orange color was showing. The darker dye is the first step. Next step will be to add a green/blue tinge to some of those areas.

I need to find or make some latex scales to fill in a few areas on the creature though. After I research how to make and color latex.

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