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Friday, December 30, 2005

Robot from scrap

Taking a break from B9 for a week or so to develop the Bender-meister. So far I scrounged up scrap wood and styrene to make the head portion of Bender and he's coming along nicely.

The top of the head was going to be a mixing bowl but instead I decided to make a resin head using 2 mixing bowls as the mold. They were a pair of mixing bowls (one larger than the other). I put one inside the other with a spacer on the bottom and I filled the inside one with bolts to weigh it down. After the bowls were sprayed with mold release I sprayed primer on the outside bowl OVER the release. It's a trick I learned from the folks at smooth-on. After pouring my resin, the final product is already primed. The head turned out fine but was a little difficult to remove from the metal mixing bowls. But it finally popped out.

I also got some linear gears in the mail yesterday and will start thinking about how I can get the B9's arms to retract and extend using a couple motors and gears with the drawer slides.

We're now into another long weekend and perfect robot building weather.

Resin bender head being made

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