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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Today I took my time assembling and finishing the legs and waist. Using dye instead of paint on the legs was a great suggestion that I got from a couple of the B9 builders in the club. Much easier and cleaner than paint. I went directly over the pipe insulation and it covered well.

As far as the zipper, I tried a few different pieces of plastic weatherstripping but the dye didn't seem to take too well to that. So we went to JoAnne Fabrics and I bought some thin strips of soft leather that dyed nicely. A little bit of goop and the zipper slid into place. My wife went to JoAnn Fabrics with me and had a different suggestion for the robot zipper but after some experimenting we decided to go with the leather.

Another couple of hours of sanding the knees and they're just about ready for some paint or dye. Not sure which way I'm going to finish them yet. But I may try the dye.

The legs look 100 percent better. I like the color and the texture much better. Zipper experiment #2

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