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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thou shalt not sandblast

Most of the weekend was spent re-finishing the treadsection and repainting. The side panels came out very nice thanks to the helpful tips of Brian C (The infamous purple robot). Using flat 1/2" round molding saved me a lot of time since I was going to sand dowel rods flat. The way I attached the side panels was similar to Brians but I ended up using some aluminum channel attached to the side panel that fit over the opening by the wheels. I'll try to put some pictures up later in the week. The club blueprints were helpful with the pattern.

Redoing the knees was just a bad bad idea. Earlier this week, I stripped the first knee down by hand and thought I'd do the second one with a sandblaster. What I didn't realize is you cannot sandblast mdf. It pockmarks the wood real bad. I didn't notice how much damage was done until it was too late (I didn't have my glasses on and all the sand flying). So the rest of the day was spent hand sanding the knees. Hours of sanding and they still just look ok. Oh well ... that's life. Another lesson learned.

I'm glad I borrowed the sandblaster instead of buying one. It brought back memories when I spent a winter sandblasting the underside of a 1965 mustang. Memories of how much I absolutely hate sandblasting : ) That sand gets everywhere.

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