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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hurricane uncertainty

It's been almost a month since I got this cold and although I'm slowly getting better, I won't do much robot wise until I completely shake this thing. Plus we have a hurricane headed this way and are expecting refugees from Naples in the next day or so. I was going to tear down the B9 and bring him into the dining room to do some wiring but until this hurricane threat is over, I'll leave B9 in the garage.

In my spare time I'm working on a C3PO head and painted it a glossy gold. It looks pretty good. Adding lighting to the eyes is taking a lot of time. I also bought a 15" R2D2 to hang with Jawa and company. It's a cool little robot that responds to voice commands and patrols around my garage while I'm working on my bots. The electronics on this little guy are amazing.

I bought a set of treads from a new club vendor and am looking forward to replacing the sloppy armaflex treads I made. I'm also going to completely refinish and repaint my entire B9 in November. The weather is getting nice around here and we're getting into the traditional Florida robot building season : )

New miniature wireless video and audio equipment arrived today which I'll install in the B9 next week. I'm trying a different frequency than what was used during the block party. Instead of 2.4ghz which is the same frequency my wireless LAN is on, I'm using 5.8 ghz which is a newer less used frequency. There's a miniature microphone with preamp which will be mounted in the microphone on the B9 that I made. It's coming together.

Hopefully Hurricane Wilma won't take the unlikely northern path and pay a visit to the Tampa Bay area. It appears it's path will cross the Naples area which is well to the south of us. This area will probably just get a lot of wind and rain.

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