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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Today I stopped by Brad's new house and we dug through his unpacked boxes from the move to get to the set of ears I was getting from him. They're the ears with the gears that Scott S. makes. He also loaned me his radar to take home and examine. He got this radar from a set of parts he purchased a few months ago from a member. His radar looks a lot different than how mine is coming along. But it's still interesting to see the different ways there are to build this stuff. I feel sorry for Brad because he now has a million new house projects he needs to do and it's going to mess up his robot building schedule even more.

When I got home, I bought a few things from home depot for building my radar. I also spent a few hours getting this web blog working. I also popped his radar on my new collar on the robot and it looks really cool. I was tempted to pull my bubble out and try it on for size but don't want to tempt disaster.

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