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Monday, September 12, 2005

Recycling acrylic circles

Just shot another coat of paint on radar after work. If I can get even a little bit done every day then I can keep momentum going and not stall.

A couple of high school kids came over to work on their physics class project ... building a mousetrap car. Yeah, yeah this is B9 related in a way. When I created my lower radar pieces a week or so ago, I used 1/8" acrylic for the top and bottom but cut it the wrong size (exactly the same as the middle).

The boys were using CD's for their wheels on the mousetrap car (A car powered by a mousetrap) but weren't having much luck at propelling it any distance. My 12" 1/8" acrylic pieces worked better for their project's wheels. They used my drill press and hole cutter to shave weight from the wheels. Each wheel went from 7 oz. to a little more than 5 oz. That's almost a 4 oz savings. Hope they do good in class tomorrow.

Today I ordered my Neon transformer and sound interface also. Next week there will be a talking neon emitting robot around here. That will be cool. Especially when those custom phrases the club is working on become available.

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