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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


What happened to my robot tonight is so horrible and embarassing I'm not going to put it into this journal. I'm sick about it and even sicker because it's my fault. I now get to learn how to repair a fiberglass torso.

I'm not writing about that incident until I fix the damage.

Oh and stay tuned to next week when I start wiring my robot. There should be a nice fire story to go along with that part of the journal. At least at the rate I'm going.

Speaking of wiring, something good also happened today. I found an old PC that my company was throwing out and I asked if I could have the power supply. After a little experimenting, I got the power supply to work outside the pc. You have to ground the green wire on the main cable to the black wire next to it (either one). Then you fool the power supply into thinking it's hooked up to the computer. This power supply has 3.3v, 12v and 5v outputs available. The fan is very quiet. Should be an interesting week.

Where's that fire extinguisher....

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