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Thursday, September 8, 2005

Radar coming along

Projects went smooth today. I borrowed Brad's radar unit (in the robot picture) and that inspired me to finish mine. Robot looks great with collar and radar.

So tonight after work, I sanded some of my radar fins on my belt sander to try and get them as uniform in size as possible. Using a lower speed on acrylic seems to work better. That's a handy tool and I find myself using it all the time.

I laminated all my radar fins together and was able to cut the ear holes in the main (larger wood) radar section. I had trouble figuring how I was going to drill that piece of wood until I figured out I could loosen the set screws of my drill press and shift the main mechanism sideways over my bench. I clamped the large round wood piece in the bench and positioned the drill press over it and nicely aligned holes were the result.

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