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Friday, September 23, 2005

Neon blues

It's amazing how everything can be going so well one minute and then quickly go down the tubes. Neon tubes in this case. I thought my neon project was over tonight and finished soldering and heat taping all my connections. Fire it up and guess what? It didn't work. The middle tubes wouldn't light while the voice sounded. So I redid almost every connection and it still didn't work. Finally I took out the diodes and then it worked again. But not very well. The entire neon project is disassembled and I'm back at square one. I've replaced transistors, wires and re-soldered. I'm pretty disgusted so I'll just look at it in the morning. ARGGGG!

This "Sound Cube" contains a speaker, neon transformer with sound interface, sound system and amplifier. It can play continuous robot sounds for many hours and provides background noise of the robot. All in a nice compact cube.

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