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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Another PC Power supply experiment

I got another PC power supply today which has an even smaller footprint than that last power supply I experimented with. The last one was bad.

This PC power supply powered my lights and my 6v motor for the brain fine BUT ... the sound and neon just weren't right. The sound was a bit distorted and the neon didn't fire as consistantly as when I used my 1 amp transformer that I pulled off an old appliance and snipped the ends. This doesn't make much sense but I'm not an expert when it comes to the electrical side of things.

Today in the mail I got a set of knee hinges for only $4.00 from a guy who was selling all his robot parts. These knee hinges are BEAUTIFUL and are ready to go on. Painted, textured and just right. What a bargain. I also got a motor to power the crown from him.

Maybe I'll just use 2 power supplies. This PC power supply for the lights and motors and something else for the sound and neon ....

NOTE from several days later: The supposed good PC power supply fried one channel of my light controller. I no longer consider PC power supplies as a possible source of robot power.

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