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Saturday, September 10, 2005

My wish list of things to do was a page long today. Even though I only checked off one item from that list, it was significant - finishing the assembly of the radar.

All the smooth acrylic and hardboard surfaces still need to be sanded before painting. The upper piece also needs to be epoxied to the lower piece, the ear holes in the styrene need triming and then a coat of primer and paint. Then I'll research which motors to purchase to power the ears.

Over the large bottom half of the radar where the ear holes go, I laminated styrene around that surface. I got the idea from Bob Grainers website. He used roof flashing. The styrene covered a few cosmetic problems with that piece. It looks great.

The band saw was used to cut the notches in the upper piece of acrylic circles. It was much easier than I thought. That band saw is my new favorite tool.

The 8 corner pieces were pretty easy to make out of acrylic. After measuring one and cutting it on the bandsaw, I used the bench belt sander to get it the exact size. Then I used that one as a template and traced it on scrap 1/4" acrylic with a fine tip marker.

I glued the coupler for the 1 1/2" pipe into the opening of the acrylic top part of the radar. It fits good.

Dad stopped over and helped for awhile. He took apart the jig saw and fixed it. I bought it at a garage sale a month ago but there were problems with the bottom guide plate . As cheap as power tools are nowadays I should have just bought new but this was an older craftsman jigsaw and I like the feel of it.

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