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Saturday, September 3, 2005

Buying more parts

I took a break from robot building in the morning and headed to the beach with my wife. It's easy to get burned out if you spend too much time on the robot. I'm a little fried around the edges but still loving every minute of it.

I laminated the acrylic circles for the collar today. One strange thing that happened was a little disturbing. The acrylic glue I used showed through the acrylic after it dried. The way I smeared it on the acrylic showed through. Just another lesson learned. This was with an acrylic glue that was thickened. I should have got the thin watery stuff I guess. No matter, I found it doesn't matter what the acrylic looks like since nobody will see that portion. The ribs are what counts.

This evening, I decided to purchase a few parts from club vendors. I'm going to get a good quality power pack replica, ear flaps (go on the ears), bezel backing, and a stainless crown. The aluminum crown I have is ok but I feel that is a very important visual part of the robot and a shiny stainless crown will look nice in the blinking lights. I ordered these parts from Bill K and Rod Rickenbach. I also ordered a set of fiberglass side panels from Trent in Austrailia. I couldn't get in touch with Norm but I hear he's got a million things going on.

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