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Monday, August 15, 2005

Ribs and resins

I neglected this journal last week so I'll summarize the events of the last week.

I created all the vent ribs and spars and created an extra set for Brad since he needed vents. I also did a lot of resin work and used the TASK4 resin in addition to the 321 resin. TASK4 was different and seemed stronger but it took 16 hours to demold as opposed to 30 minutes. They both have their pluses and minuses. They both need to be sanded and a lot of finish work will be required to make them look good.

Since I was unable to get a response from the B9 supplier of the neck bracket and brain cup, I made a set of molds and cast some resin pieces. It was difficult drilling them out correctly but I finally got some acceptable results. I had to use a hole saw, various drill bits, my drill press, the dremel and my rotozip. Oh and lots of sandpaper and filler. I'm not sure how a resin piece will hold up once I add Scott's cam to make the finger lights move but what I now have is better than nothing.

I didn't get much else done on the robot last weekend because I got a 60's coke machine from a friend and had to rebuild some shelves in the garage. Most of the wheels for Brad and I are done casting. Just need a bunch of the small outer wheels and will be done.

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