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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Tread belts and collar ribs

A very productive Day today. Spent a lot of time sandinding the torso and finally a wet sanding. I did this on and off all day until mid afternoon when I took the torso out in my driveway and thoroughly washed it and degreased it to prepare for the first coat of primer. After the torso was dried, the primer went on beautifully. Of course that's when you see areas that need some minor attention so I used my red spackling and went over the entire torso several times filling in pinholes and scratches.

Dad came over and had some good ideas how to do the treads using velcro. That way we can compensate if they stretch over time and they will come off and go on easily. He cut the armflex tape into 1" pieces and assembled one tread before he had to go home. I sprayed it with plasti-kote but wasn't too impressed with the results. After re-reading the directions on Mark Thompson's tread making, I realized I missed the step where you're supposed to put a paintable caulk on the edges. I'm not the greatest when it comes to reading directions so I'll just have to fix that tomorrow.

While Dad was working on the treads, I cut about 112 ribs for the collar. I used my table scroll saw and it cut the acrylic very easily. The only thing I had to do was exert outward pressure on both pieces just before the blade broke through so they would immediately separate. Otherwise they melt back together. Tomorrow I'll cut the circular pieces with my rotozip and circle attachment.

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