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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Priming torso and parts from Brad

Today was more of sanding and shooting another coat of primer on the torso. Then after more sanding and washing the torso, I applied several coats of Rustoleum hammered silver paint. After the first coat, I steel wooled the finish and applied the second coat. It looks great. But of course after the final coat is on, you start noticing a few things that you didn't see before. Not too bad.

While waiting for the first coat to dry, I took a ride to Brad's house to see his new robo-cop car and robo cop suit. They are exact replicas of the props used in the movie. Brad said a few cars almost went off the road gawking at him when he was driving it from Miami where he picked it up Friday.

Brad also sold me his robot arms, a few C3PO parts and several other props. And I borrowed a few of his B9 parts that I'm going to try to cast in resin. Since it takes so long to get parts from the club vendors, I may need to fabricate the rest of my parts and it's nice to have Brad's parts as a reference.

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