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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Taking shape

Today was a very productive day and we did the first official stack. The morning started out peaceful enough and I sprayed the legs with a layer of plasti-dip. I also spent some more time sanding and preparing my treadbox for paint. I attached the 2 top knee plates and knee sections to the treadsection with four large lag screws that I had. In the future I may need to switch these out for bolts but they worked great.

The next step was to attach both leg sections to the waist pieces with spacers. I did the overkill method again (like in the legs) and for each stack I used 4 (1/4) 3" bolts inside my pvc spacers. The spacers are all 1.25".

The way I attached the legs and waist to the top knee plates was to run 4 1/2" threaded rods (24") from the treadbox with two through each leg. I had that solid piece of wood I added to my treadbox that these bolted into nicely. I created 2 wooden crossbars that I slid over the rods that tightened down against the first waist piece to hold that section into place. I spent a lot of time pondering how to do this and I'm very happy with the final result.

A problem with the plans I have is the fifth piece of the waist section has a big circle in the middle that I cut out. By doing that, there's no easy way to attach it to the donut and piece under the donut. So what I did was cut two strips of 1" thick wood by about 3" wide and screw them into the fifth waist piece. Now I had a solid area to put 4 bolts to attach the torso to the waist.

Dad came over for a couple of hours and we got a great picture of us after we set the torso on top. Now it's beginning to look like a robot. Tomorrow I'll get my patient wife to help me with gluing the other pipe insulation pieces.

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