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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Haste makes waste

I did a really stupid thing today. Before work, I had a few spare minutes and decided to start putting the zipper in. Before I knew it, I was rushing so I wouldn't be late for work (and I was) and my work was a mess. Panic set in and I even left a message on the B9 site asking about how many coats of plasti-dip you can use and what's good to fill in areas.

When I returned home from work, I decided to coat the zipper with plastidip first to see how it would look. I was surprised that the plasti-dip covered almost all the imperfections pretty good. The gaps under the zipper may not be too bad so for now I'm leaving it as is. I totally disassembled all pieces to get them ready for paint. Before it got dark, I was also able to spray on a couple coats of paint on the legs. My wife volunteered to finish spray painting tomorrow. She said she likes to spray paint and I'm not crazy about painting so that worked out good.

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